How Texty Works 
& Gets So Many Reviews

Texty isn't just software, it's a Revolutionary System that
Gets Results.

Texty is more than software, it's a system that integrates into each product you sell to deliver a next-level experience for your customers and next-level results for your company. The Texty software is just the tip of the iceberg, what you can do with it is the rest. 

See how it works In Action:

#1 Get Reviews

When you use Texty, and the Texty account defaults, you can expect at least 10% of your customers to scan and respond. Out of those responses, we are able to convert 95% to leave a review with the Texty default conversation we have after they scan. 

#2 Build a List

Get new contacts coming in daily. Have 10,000 customers per month? You can expect 33 new contacts added every day, and 1,000 contacts added to your very own text list every month. You can reach out to them any time, offer new products, subscriptions or launch new products to. The only limit is your own imagination.

#3 Make More Money

When you start bringing in so many reviews, that alone may allow your product to rise to the top of your niche and stay there. However, that's not where the increased profits stop. We recommend our clients make additional profit through follow-up sequences and monthly text promotions to their own site where the profit is much higher, or back to additional Amazon products if you don't have a website set up for handling a lot of orders. 

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