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Any brand using Texty to enhance their product experience and customer communication will find it extremely easy to outpace competitors in their niche with reviews. However, this advantage breaks down when competitors compete using the same advantage. In order to keep Texty’s effectiveness and advantage potency high, Texty only takes on one brand per product niche. That’s why it is impossible to sign up to Texty without speaking to a specialist, who will cross-reference your niche against the list of product niches that have already been claimed.

Unfortunately, this is a crucial step we must take to keep the Texty advantage strong. For the brands that get to use this service, they can be sure that no one they compete with can. 

If You Are Accepted:

A Texty Specialist will get on a call with you and...

Take you behind the curtain so you can see for yourself how Texty works

Show you the method behind the magic, that allows Texty to get such incredible results

Strategize and drill down on exactly what results you can reasonably expect from implementing Texty with your specific product

Answer any questions you have and help you get set up for success

At this time, we only have 2 Texty specialists, so availability for these calls is often very limited. After filling out your application, a Texty specialist will review your application in the order it came in. If your application passes, they will contact you by text to set up your appointment. Enter your information now, and get the process started right away.

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